C’est la vie

I’m not new to blogging.

I’ve had three blogs over the last few years. All have met with the same fate: irreparable failures. That’s mostly because I’m unimaginably lazy. I start strong: new aspirations, new ideas, new inspiration. Then it all fades into an inactive, unpublished-in-months  dereliction.

The first blog I had—unarguably the most successful—was a joint venture with a friend. I went around publicising it everywhere. My very own blog. My very own writing. My very own little block of space on the internet.

Then I realised it wasn’t going to work out. I wasn’t exactly the ideal PR guy, I figured. (I was still marginally better than the significant other, but still.)

Besides, I was being unfair to everyone I advertised it to. That was because I had contributed to less than one-fourth of all the posts on the blog. Busy with PR, to be honest. (Mostly laziness though.)

In my defence I can say that I was always stuck in the process of writing. There was always that little paragraph to be finished, or that photograph to be edited. But hey. We both know that is as big a lie as my Moral Science answer script.

(Moral Science is the most loathed subject in convent schools. Especially here in India. It has successfully earned cult status as a subject more annoying than 2nd Language, with a growing hater-list. And it’s a subject you just can’t seem to get rid of. The lessons are boring: toned-down school versions of Mother Teresa’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech. The textbooks are boring: toned-down school versions of Mother Teresa’s sermons. The teachers are boring: toned-down school versions of Mother Teresa. And the answers during examinations are one big fraud. Like for my answer, for example, on what I should do when my best friend offers me a cigarette and if I reject it costs us our friendship but makes me a better human being,  I write the exact opposite of what I will actually  do—finish the first and ask for more—and bag my full marks.)

I honestly have nothing against Mother Teresa. She’s swell.

(Moral Science exam answer.^) Just kidding. Seriously though, she’s swell.

Sorry. I digressed from the topic. That’s something I tend to do quite often. Stop reading my blog—or future variants of the same—if you’re not fond of digression.

Anyway. My failed ex-blogs. I had one of my own until very recently. Both were catastrophes. No posts, no activity. Just another blog stagnating on the net.

Now its time to start anew. Start over. I can’t help but feel this vague sense of distaste. Another investment in futility? Let’s hope this isn’t another one.

This is the first time my first post hasn’t included a childish introduction to myself, overrun by crass teenage humour. I think that’s a sign for better things to come. (Or not.)

To a new beginning.

We’re ready to roll, folks.




3 thoughts on “C’est la vie

  1. Hey this is good!! Almost sounding like Salinger’s Holden !! Keep it up. Continue the word mastery. As for laziness that’s a family trait. I have a blog unwritten for years now!!


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